CuorGelato is a concept of the typical italian gelato store with add of the italian coffee. In order to produce the best, creamy and balanced icecream, CuorGelato  has developed the art of the renowned Italian tradition. The passion for quality and the research of excellence are the values which led CuorGelato undertaking a successful business. Sharing these values throughout a franchising network turned out to be a winning business model. Every day more clients can discover the products of the best Italian tradition: ice-cream, coffee and pastry.

Our object is developing the italian gelato and italian coffee culture all over the world, trough:

Service and products innovation
High quality of raw materials
High quality final product
High service level
Satisfaction and loialty of the customer
Business profit 




- You can learn an handcraft work: the art of realizing a creamy ice-cream such as the Italian "gelato".

- You can produce your gelato directly in your workshop and selling it as soon as it is ready. A fresh product is better and the consumer will appreciate the unique quality of Italian  "gelato".

- You guarantee yourself a 6 years contract, renewable for 6 more years at the same conditions, with an exclusive territorial zone. This way you have all the time required to amortize the investment.

- Get advices and assistance throughout the start-up phase and as long as the contract is in force.

- You can offer a mix of goods on sale meeting the tastes of all the consumers and which guarantees high incomes all over the year.

- You can offer a "Made in Italy" product with an handcrafted quality level. CuorGelato's product includes the "savoir faire" of the best Italian tradition.

- CuorGelato's  gelato is made of a bouquet of flavors, irresistibly involving and perfect to achieve the most demanding tastes.

- From the appearance to the tastes, CuorGelato's  proposals have to be considered such as a kind of work of art with the best recipes of the Italian tradition.

- CuorGelato gives you the opportunity to propose to your clients also the best tradition of the italian coffee. Many exclusive coffee blends are served in CuorGelato's stores, coming from our italian roasting factory and, futhermore, we propose speciality coffees and special coffee cocktails. 





Duration: agreement will be effective for 6 (six) years. After the first 6 (six) years, the agreement will be automatically renewed for further 6(six) years, if one of the parties will not declare, in writing, at least six (6) months before the deadline, the willingness to not renew the agreement.


Entry Fee: contract provides, an for each one store opened, to be paid at the signature of the contract, for the exclusivity of the franchising, in the Territory (to be determined). For Master Franchising Agreements it's provided an global entry fee. 


Royalty charges: royalties on the total revenues will be calculated every 3 months and paid within 10 days after the end of each one quarter.


Know How Transfer and Assistance in Start Up Period: Franchisor grants the training for the Franchisee personnel of the store, trough a training manager will be present on site for the start up period and a special training course, in Italy, for the Operation Manager.


Operation Manual: at the end of training course, will be consigned the Operation Manual of the store, containing all the matters regarding the management of the store, included all the recipes of the special products served in the store.      


Assistance after the Start Up Period: after the start up period Franchisor will supply full assistance to the Franchisee in the management of the store. Assistance consists in at least  one visit per year of Franchisor's managers to verify the situation and to help Franchisee to solve all the troubles concerning the management of the store.  


Products: into the store opened will be sold solely products approved by Franchisor, bought exclusively from Franchisor or from third parties designed by Franchisor. The products price will be stated by Franchisor's Price List. Any different product shall be exclusively approved by Franchisor.











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Via Emilio Lepido 198 , Loc. Il Moro (PR) ITALY



Via Emilio Lepido 198, Loc. Il Moro (PR) ITALY