Best Italian coffee needs best coffee machines. For this reason we have chosen exclusive coffee machines manufacturers in Italy as partners of our adventure














Products - Coffee - Equipments









For home market we propose a small coffee capsules machine, simple to use and with a particular nice design, with the choice of many colors.










For offeces and small restaurants, we have a coffee capsules machine of superior level, exclusive made in Italy, by an important artisanal coffee machine company, with higher capacity and resistance.










For coffee shops and restaurants, we propose a very professional coffee capsules machine, exclusive made in Italy too, with two groups, vaporyzer for cappuccino and hot water dispenser, as the best professional coffee machines, and a professional coffee machine for italian espresso coffee, made by an historical manufacturer with 40 years of experience in coffee machines .










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Via Emilio Lepido 198 , Loc. Il Moro (PR) ITALY



Via Emilio Lepido 198, Loc. Il Moro (PR) ITALY