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The history of the frozen yoghurt, with its acid and fresh taste, fat free and based on fresh milk and yoghurt. Available also in the W version (water) to simply dilute with water and yoghurt.

Frozen Yogorito (Classic Version) is the ideal product for your frozen yoghurt.


Our Frozen Yogorito is the most appreciated Frozen Yoghurt mix in powder in many international markets: it has the right sharp flavor of skim yoghurt, a good overrun and the right creaminess. Our mix is fat free and with spray dried yoghurt and pre biotic fibers.


Dosage is one bag (1,5 kg)  diluted in 6 litres of milk (full fat or skimmed) for a total of 7,5 kg liquid mix. This will give approximately 75 small portions of 100 g each (volume depending from machine).

Part of milk can be replaced with fat free or low fat yogurt to assure probiotic count.

The final frozen yoghurt can be served as it is or decorated with our TOPPINGS, fresh fruit or the innovative system called DOPPIOSENSO (instant warm sauces for frozen yogurt).




Highly creamy and solid yoghurt that can be used to produce trays, sticks, cakes and biscuits; perfect for take away too.



The first yoghurt “with no added sugars” but sweetened with stevia, the natural 2000s sweetener. With very low calories (30% less than a standard product) and rich in fibres.




A soft, creamy, low-acid product with a delicate and long lasting taste. Base Smoothies The ideal product to prepare an icy yoghurt drink in a blender or in a slush maker. The dose changes depending on the application. 




Pomegranate, chocolate strawberry and many other flavours, in a ready-to-use bag, with the right level of acidity and sweetness. The 1.5 kg bag has to be diluted with milk or milk and yoghurt. If this wasn’t sufficient, our pastes  and toppings enable to create lots of interpretations.



The cleanest label: without thickeners, emulsifying agents and saccharose sugar, but sweetened with fructose. Fresh and creamy with the same dilution of the Classic version.















Frozen Yogorito Natural is the natural development of our Frozen Yogorito Classic for the most exigent customer.

The mix in powder is without emulsifiers and stabilizers providing a very clean label frozen yoghurt in comparison with all your possible competitors.

We use Fructose (natural fruit sugar) and Dextrose (natural maize sugar) to obtain a lower glycemic index frozen yoghurt mix when compared to a standard one sweetened with sugar (saccharose)

Frozen Yogorito Natural, as the Classic Frozen Yogorito, is fat free and with Pre Biotic fibers added.


Dosage is 1 bag (1,5 kg) + 6 liters milk or, for a pro biotic declaration, 5 liters milk and 1 kg fresh yogurt.

The overall taste of the Natural version vs the Classic one is similar, but with a weak fruity back-taste that makes the final tartness unique and special.




Without lactose as the fresh yoghurt. Suitable for an attentive diet, but as much tasty as the classic version.

Frozen Yogorito LF is the newest development of the Frozen Yogorito line, where LF stays for Lactose Free (less than 0,05%).

Many people eat yoghurt because they are lactose intolerant (missing a specific enzyme in their body). Fresh yoghur has a lower percentage of lactose than milk (lactose is divided in the single components glucose and galactose during production process), besides a specific component is in yoghurt to help to assimilate the remaining lactose.

We estimate that approximately 70% of the world population is lactose intolerant.

The frozen yoghurts on the market, being based on liquid milk and powdered milk, have the same lactose concentration of standard liquid milk (approx 5%). This means that a lactose intolerant person consuming a standard frozen yoghurt, will face the same health problems that would be caused by an equal amount of fresh milk.

Frozen Yogorito LF should be diluted in water and it is based on lactose free milk powders and yoghurts. Once diluted in water, the final lactose concentration is 100 times less than standard milk, or, if diluted in water and fresh standard yoghurt, more than 10 times less than milk, with all lactose coming from fresh yoghurt (that we already told it gives less problems than the one from fresh milk).



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Via Emilio Lepido 198, Loc. Il Moro (PR) ITALY